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Triariis are the heavy infantry unit in the Republic of Rome. They are the more veteran soldiers and the better equipped. They were usually deployed behind the Princeps (that were deployed behind the Hastati) forming the last lines of the legions.

Behind the princeps there were 10 maniples, the Triarii (usually 60 men in each maniple). They only engaged in combat when the battle was going in a bad way for the Romans. They had to give support to the retreat of the rest of the army. They were the oldest soldiers.

They wore a chainmail and instead of a pilum they carried a lance. During the battle they were kneeling and protecting themselves with their shields. They usually had 3 feather over the helmet.They carried a gladius as well.

Triariis and Alarii equites are the Roman units with a higher recruitment value in ONUS!.

Comparison with other units

Within the Carthaginian army the Punic phalanx is the more similar one. Both are professionals and can change its formation into a phalanx one. Triarii are quite good against cavalry and medium and light infantry. They are quite slow when moving. They have other skills such as wall of shields (to increase its armor values) and square formation (so they don´t suffer side and rear attack penalties.

 Triarii unit

Triarii unit


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