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In the ancient Republic of Rome the Princeps were veteran soldiers. Usually they were deployed behind the hastati and replaced them in the combat line, once the hastati became tired. And after the princeps the Triarii were deployed.

The Princeps were around 25 to 30 year old soldiers. Fairly wealthy. They could afford a better equipment tan the velites and the hastati.

Their equipment was very similar to that of the hastati. The main difference was that they wore a chain mail instead of a breastplate. They carried shields, one or more pilum that they shot to the enemy before engaging in close combat and they carried a gladius.

They formed after the hastati in 10 maniples.



Comparison with other units

Princeps are better at shooting javelins than other units. They have better armor and attack values so their recruitment cost is double the one of the hastati.

They are simillar to the sacred batallion. Worst in attack values but they have javelins instead of lances.

Princeps unit

Princeps unit


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