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The ballistas were ancient missile weapons that launched a projectile at a distant target (darts or javelins). Several men were needed to fire it, as it used two levers with torsion springs (rope made of animal sinew).



The first ballistas were used by the Greeks while the Romans just copied them making them a bit smaller and easier to carry. In ONUS! you can use them to play the Punic Wars.

Usually they were deployed inside the fortresses or behind the walls and were entirely made of wood. They could hurl stones or even wooden darts with metal tips.

They were pretty accurate and the projectiles could reach target up to 500 meters away. Apparently Julius Caesar used them in Gallia and Britania .

Ballistas unit

Ballistas unit

Comparison with other units

They are similar to the Punic archers. They have the same shooting range and attack value, although they are professionals (they roll the dice again after a 1 both for impacting and wounding) and have a good armor. But they can only shoot if they remain still and for close combat they are very weak. Other units must protect them.


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