ONUS! Roma vs Cartago

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Have you ever dreamed commanding a powerful army? Have you ever imagined leading an army, which included elephants over the Pyrenees and the Alps to try to conquer Rome? Have you enjoyed a good historic novel dated on the old Republic of Rome, and you would like to travel to that time? If you answer positively to any of these questions, you are going to enjoy this game a lot!

ONUS! is a game produced in November 2014. Buy it through Internet or in your closest shop!

You can download all the rules in this link.

ONUS! is a wargame similar to miniature games, where both sides fight an old age battle. The game is based on the II Punic War mainly, although battles from III to I B.C centuries could be simulated. The game concept combines both orders and events cards, that makes each game different and each combat unpredictable and exciting.

Juego abierto con componentes ONUS!

Juego abierto con componentes ONUS!

Juego abierto de ONUS

Unboxing of ONUS

ONUS has:

A rule book with some battles (40 pages)
A quick guide (4 pages)
1-player rules (4 pages)
90 unit cards
6 help cards
72 action and event cards
4 wooden dice
Cloth bag
Over 130 counters
Box size: 23x15x5.5cm
Number of players: 1-4
Play time: >30m
Minimum age: 12
Box weight. 0,6Kg
Language: Spanish (soon in English too)
Produced in Spain


Before the battle starts, each player chooses those units she wants to use at the battle according to their values up to a maximum amount prefixed, or using other victory conditions given by special scenario rules. Each army can use Romans or Carthaginians and mercenaries

Each side places units, one by one by turns. The cards should be placed faced down, within their starting lines. The last player who places her units should be the first one to place the general token.


Unidad romana de Equites Alares

Unidad Equites Alares

Then the players turn the cards upside down and the battle starts. Each player draws a number of order and event cards equal to the leadership value of her general. (usually 6 cards)

During her turn, each player chooses among playing the orders of the cards she has in her hand or keeping them to play the events later.

Orders allow us to make actions over our units such as moving, changing formation, healing, etc…

Events allow us to change the combat conditions both in shootings and in close fighting.

Escept under special situations we draw one new card at the end of our turn.

Here you can see 4 order/event cards.

Cards of Actions and Events

Cards of Actions and Events